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  • A Harper's Playground Project at Gateway Discovery Park

    Located at 106th and Halsey in Northeast Portland, this Harper’s Playground project will be part of a larger brand new city park and is our second project in partnership with Portland Parks & Recreation.  Many thanks to PLACE for the continued design collaboration (see attached design art below). 

    Gateway is a neighborhood in dire need of public amenities and spaces for children to play outside of school. Further, it is reported that approximately 75% of the students at the two closest elementary schools, Sacramento & Menlo Park, are economically disadvantaged. A Harper’s Playground project will revolutionize the neighborhood by increasing access to enriching, high-quality play for all. 

    Groundbreaking was in May 2016 and the playground is scheduled to open in February 2018! To ensure that this new play space meets Harper’s Playground standards, we raised $225,000 for the project, on top of what the City allocated for the project, and we participated on the Project Advisory Committee to advise on inclusive design.

    We look forward to seeing everyone have the chance to play in 2018!