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    Felicia Lopez, grew up here in Portland, but has found adventures across the globe. She holds a bachelor's degree in History from Whittier College, and a J.D. from Lewis and Clark Law School, and after her travel adventures chose to come back to live in the great city of Portland. Her interest in disability advocacy grew from her relationship with her sister who has Autism and other developmental disabilities. She currently works at Nike, Inc. in their Procurement department, and prior to Nike she has a long history of disability advocacy, working with Disability Rights Oregon, The Disability Rights Legal Center in Los Angeles, and Autistic Children's Activity Program. Part of the original board of directors for Harper's Playground, Felicia is very excited to continue her work with this great program. “Growing up with a sister who had a disability, I saw first hand how magical inclusive environments are, so I have always been excited by the potential of inclusive playgrounds and the benefits they provide to our entire community."


    Shanna found her way to Portland in 2008 and is convinced the quality of life here is unmatched.  She grew up outside Philadelphia, lived in New England and New York, and in between traveled all over the world.  She focuses her work at NW Natural on the policy nexus between energy and environment and founded an organization called WISE that provides fun networking opportunities to women who work in the sustainability and environmental fields.  Shanna earned a BA from Colby College and an MPA from Columbia University.  "I feel immense joy watching my son explore the playground independently and want all children to have access to spaces built with an eye towards accessibility, inclusivity and creativity." 



    Ryan grew up in Portland and graduated for the University of Oregon with a degree in Accounting.  He started his career in Portland at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he earned his CPA while auditing local companies that ranged from non-profits to companies in the high tech industry.  Ryan is currently the Corporate Controller for David Evans and Associates, Inc., a Portland based company.  Outside of work, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife Molly and their three young boys, pursuing outdoor fun and adventure.  “Our community and society is a better place when we encourage kids to be active and imaginative.  Harper's Playground does this while building an inclusive environment that can be shared by all and encourages compassion and understanding.  I love the opportunity to be a part of something that can bring joy to a child and build a stronger community.” 


    George was born in Albania but grew up in Toronto, Canada.  Upon moving to Toronto he had a difficult time blending his love for futbol with hockey, feta cheese with poutine, grappa with Molson Canadian. While working as director of operations for a mining exploration company, He met his wife Sue on the soccer pitch who was working abroad for three years in Toronto . A Portland transplant herself, she was quick to export George to Portland where he quickly learned and appreciated the motto 'keep portland weird'.  George still recalls the day he proposed to Sue and the community event she took him to after to continue the celebratory spirit. “I remember being at Harper’s Playground ribbon cutting and thinking how critical and inspiring these inclusive environments are. It is an honor to now be part of an incredible group of people doing meaningful work for our communities.”

    DAVID RAE / 503 Media & Events 

    David was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. After the dream of a pro baseball career faded away, he moved to the mid-west and then eventually settled in Eugene for grad school at the University of Oregon. He worked at Nike for several years and left there to start his own company.  He is the President and co-founder of 503 Media & Events. Their website Do503.com connects people with amazing things to do in Portland. Additionally, one of the flagship events that 503 produces is TEDxPortland, through this experience he met Cody and his family. He and his wife Reegan have two young children, Wyatt and Nora. Wyatt’s favorite place on earth is Harper’s Playground, soon to be Nora’s too no doubt.  “Harper's Playground is special for so many reasons, the inclusive nature of the design, the grass roots connection to community and the family behind it, to name a few. It is an honor and privilege to be involved spreading the idea around Portland and the World.” 

    COLLEEN FINN / Recesstime Sports League

    Colleen Finn is the founder of Recesstime, Oregon’s original social sports league featuring kickball, dodgeball, bowling and ping pong. A St. Louis native, Finn landed in Portland in 2001. Recalling the ease of creating friendship over a red rubber ball, she began organizing adult kickball games soon after. She has always loved sports and outdoor play and was the starting goalie for the Division I University of Louisville field hockey team. "I believe play is the most important part of child development. I’m inspired by Cody, April, Harper and Lennon and their commitment to making every playground a place to play for all. Harper’s Playground is just the first step in an inclusive playground revolution and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

    ERIN COWAN / Jump Sports Management

    Erin Cowan is a Portland native that often recounts his childhood years spent outside in neighborhood parks. With a Bachelor in Communication from Idaho State, the first thing Erin will tell anyone he meets is that he's a Jefferson High graduate. After spending years as a coach and then sports agent, Erin has found his passion as a Technical Consultant and Choreographer for brands and agencies in print and broadcast production. Through his company, Jump Sports Management, Erin is able to work with athletes from all ages and abilities, continuing to fuel his passion for sports and play.  "Harper's Playground provides equal opportunity for play and creativity. These are two things that have inspired me in my career and life, as well as have provided a productive outlet to channel negative energy into positive. The idea I can play a part in bringing this to others in an inclusive environment is the reason I feel blessed to be a part of this organization."


    Kent was born and raised on the plains of the mid-west before moving to Portland in 1999. As a child growing up in a very rural part of the country, Kent understands the benefit and importance of connection to others and the power of a strong imagination that play facilitates. He graduated with a Bachelor Science in Communications from the University of South Dakota and has built his professional career around the trade of storytelling. In his current role as Sr. Vice President of Corporate & Crisis Communications at Edelman he helps brands from a variety of sectors and a wide range of sizes connect and relate to their audiences in the most effective and authentic means possible. "I was inspired by Cody's sharing his heartfelt story, and the inspiration for Harper's Playground at TedxPortland. Our mutual love of the Portland Timbers has helped create a relationship and ongoing conversation that I'm honored has now evolve to include my increased participation in supporting his vision to giving all kids access to play."

    CHRIS ARWOOD / The Standard

    Chris grew up in Nebraska, and relocated to Portland in 2013 after an enjoyable stint in Chicago. Having had the opportunity to travel quite a bit, he realized that Portland is a great place to spend the next part of his life.  He's worked in various fields of insurance, from valuing pension plans to pricing and modeling various insurance products to now managing financial reporting for annuities at The Standard.  Though, when he's not entertaining himself with the world of insurance, Chris is typically enjoying nature, playing outdoors regardless of the weather.  He earned his Bachelor's degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and his M.B.A. from Portland State University.  "Promoting and being a part of an organization that builds inclusive playgrounds is a no-brainer. It took mere seconds of talking with Cody (Executive Director) to know that this is what the world needs more of.  And, having lived blocks from the first playground in Portland, I was able to see first-hand the immense positive impact making proper playgrounds can have on a community."