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    “They (Harper's Playground founders April & Cody Goldberg) shared their compelling vision, generated incredible community support, and have allowed for an innovative playground that will serve as a model for park improvements across the country.”
    ~Commissioner Nick Fish / City of Portland, OR

    "We wish to enthusiastically endorse the work of Harper's Playground in creating accessible and inclusive play facilities for children with disabilities. This unique initiative seeks to address a recreational disparity for children, parents, and grandparents with mobility impairments.  For children with disabilities, most of our playground equipment in our public parks is unusable, effectively excluding them from participation. The Harper's Playground project seeks to remedy this by providing an accessible and inclusive environment for children and adults of all abilities. We would very much like to see this model replicated throughout our city's facilities."
    ~ Joe VanderVeer / Chair, Portland Commission on Disability