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    Theme Features


    In addition to being mobile friendly, the Minimal theme for Shopify offers a wide array of features that allow you personalize your store design. Everything from color, typography, social media integration, and layout can be adjusted with ease from the "Theme Settings" section in your shop. Below you will find an outline of the current theme settings.

    Logo, Images, and Colors

    Customize your logo, favicon, and background options — including the ability to have a full-width background image by selecting the "Stretch" option.

    Adjust the color of nearly every element in your shop, including buttons, backgrounds, borders and more!

    Typography Back to top

    Change the font of nearly every element, including headings, navigation, body text and buttons. Minimal also includes built-in support for Google Web Fonts.

    Navigation Back to top

    The navigation in Minimal is truly unique as it allows you to choose your preferred layout type. You can set the main navigation to appear either below your logo, or to the right of your logo. An additional feature allows you to center your logo, should you choose to display your main navigation below your logo.

    Footer Back to top

    The footer (bottom portion of the webpage) is a feature-rich space, allowing you to display your most recent blog post, integrate a Mailchimp newsletter, and add social icons. Plus, you can include an addition link list of your choosing — great for linking to Shipping Information and other relevant online shopping links.

    Homepage Back to top

    The homepage of Minimal features a large slideshow, allowing you to upload and link up to 10 photos. The slideshow images are best uploaded as JPG files, with a width of 966px. The image height of the slideshow is up to you, though it is recommended that you have a consistent height with all images.

    In addition to the slideshow, the homepage features great real estate for any messaging you desire, which can easily be setup by linking to the Page featuring your content.

    Looking to feature a specific group of products on your homepage? You can choose the collection you'd like to feature here as well.

    Product View Back to top

    A frequently requested feature is now a built in function of the Minimal theme. Minimal includes the image "zoom" feature on product images in addition to the typical "click-to-enlarge" approach found on most shops.

    Allow your users to share your products within their network — enable the social sharing buttons on your product page, including Google, Facebook, Twitter and newly popular Pinterest.

    Collection View Back to top

    Give your users the ability to sort through your product collections based on product tags that you setup. When a product tag is found within a collection, it will display it in the select menu to the right on a collection page.

    The Collection settings also allow you to define how many product you want to appear before the pagination (display of previous/next page) is shown.

    Looking to add some additional attention to your sale items? When you set the product price lower than the "Compare at Price", and the "Show sale circle on products" option is selected, it will display a custom sale-circle over top of your sale items.

    Blog Page Back to top

    The Minimal blog is a great way to personalize your shop, and one of the key features is blog tags. With Minimal, you can customize the look and feel of your blog tags and help your users find what they are looking for.

    PLUS: Do you have an existing blog? Import all of your existing articles into the Shopify blog with the Wordpress Importer.

    Cart Back to top

    Display the "Cart Note" field to allow for any additional information your customers may have. If you're using PayPal as a payment gateway, you'll want to enable the "Additional Buttons" option as it will display a PayPal button.

    Additional Layouts Back to top

    Any additional layouts that your shop might use are stored in this area. This includes the optional guest/user checkout system. When enabled, this provides an area for your customers to manage their orders, all while keeping the same branding and design as your shop.