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    “My daughter, Jane, is a three and a half year old with an unmatched sweetness, an infectious laugh, and a unique chromosome disorder. This condition has caused a myriad of issues including complex congenital heart defects and developmental delays. She's endured three open heart surgeries, numerous other surgeries and procedures, lengthy hospital stays, and continues to receive various therapies. Not yet independently mobile, she uses a walker to get around. If you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of her trying to run in it. She loves preschool, the zoo, anyone with a hat, and says "hi!" to most everyone she meets. And she loves Harper's Playground. A lot.”
    ~ Erin Ferree / Parent

    “The first time I brought Elliott to Harper's Playground he didn't say, ‘Can I go play?’ He said, ‘Can I go make new friends?’ There is a way to do playgrounds differently. This is it. Thanks to Harper and her boundless energy and spirit.”
    ~ Nova Newcomer / Parent

    “So blessed to be a tiny part of this journey and to celebrate Harper, be inspired by Cody and you and PLAY! It is so beautiful. I hope you are filled with pride and love.” ~ Karissa Cornell / Parent

    “We, too, were happy to be an eensy-weensy part of the park. Huge props to your labor of love!”
    ~ Katie Hsieh / Parent

    “Your amazing feat could not have come at a better time for my little family.  Thank you, so much, for your hard work. It means a great deal.”
    ~ Gina Bonfiglio / Parent

    “I am so excited that you did this!  What an enormous accomplishment!  This was so very much needed in our community.”
    ~ Melissa Williams / Neighbor

    “The playground is fantastic!"
    ~ Alyssa Phelps / Neighbor

    “Neva had an incredible time there today!. Your efforts have meant so much to so many families. Thank you so much.”
    ~ Gary Sincick / Parent

    “ Harper's Playground has made a HUGE impact on my daughter's opportunity and ability to play!”
    ~ Alicia DeLashmutt / Parent

    “It is a fabulous playground we will be enjoying for many years. I almost cry with happiness to see kiddos in wheel chairs racing up and down the spiral laughing!!! A line up at the accessible swings while the standard swing sat empty. ... What a joy all should be able to experience!”
    ~ Kristin Wells / Parent

    “Thank you! We, the park neighbors, promise to do our part in preserving the beauty.”
    ~ Amy LaRosa / Parent

    “The diversity of kids playing was phenomenal.  Thank YOU for changing the landscape of my daughter's childhood. We're pretty lucky to live in this neighborhood.”
    ~ Shannon Sandri / Parent

    “I just wanted to share with you how much your efforts have been appreciated and remind you of the lasting mark the Goldberg family has left on Portland.  This was a job very well done!”
    ~ Mat Sinclair / Parent / Portland Parks & Recreation

    “We LOVE Harper's Playground;  the slides are our favorite so far. Thanks for such a cool spot.”
    ~ Monet Malina-Hampson / Parent

    “Thank you to all involved for all of your hard work and dedication! We are so excited to be able to go to an accessible playground!!”
    ~ Nancy Somerville / Parent

    “Teacher Kristen's First Grade Class From Chief Joseph Elementary visited Harper's Playground and LOVED it. Gave it their ringing endorsement and will be back soon!”
    ~ Allegra Ruggles / Teacher

    “You have really created a destination park that so many children and parents will enjoy in the years to come. It is incredibly inspiring to us that you and April worked so tirelessly to bring this vision to reality. Having seen how difficult it was for Suchitra to play on regular playgrounds with their uneven surfaces, lack of safe or easy to navigate play structures, etc. I know how much this means to kids and parents with disabilities in particular.  Thank you and congratulations on such a beautiful accomplishment!” 
    ~ Sarah Goracke / Parent / Vibrant Village Foundation

    THANK YOU for making this happen in our neighborhood. We are eternally grateful!”
    ~ Lillian Hannon Kidwell / Parent

    “An OT at my work told me today about a three year old gal who lives right near the park. She happens to use a walker and her mom took her to the playground for the first time today. She walked all around with her walker and rode on the swing and she LOVED it. Thanks Harper's Playground for being there.”
    ~ Gail Watnick / Parent / Occupational Therapist

    “I can’t tell you how proud I was at the opening…so many people, such enthusiasm and such a great product…to see all the kids from all walks of life playing and having fun…it was a perfect outcome.  Truly well done!”
    ~ Kelly Saito / Parent / Gerding Edlen Development

    “Harper’s Playground is both a personal and professional inspiration and you should be awesomely proud to have spearheaded this and seen it through to reality.  Thank you for letting the Portland Development Commission be a part of this great project.”
    ~ Carol Herzberg / Portland Development Commission

    “Every time I'm in North Portland I take a detour by the playground so I can admire it... I'm always excited, it never gets old!”
    ~ Emma Nelson / Harper’s Playground Volunteer / UP Soccer Player

    “My daughters love this playground! ‘The Volcano’ provides physical therapy for my 6 year old daughter who experiences disability while my 2 year old keeps her active mind and body entertained!”
    ~ Damon Watters / Parent

    “I'm just so blown away by what you have created, both in terms of the actual structure of the playground and the amazing energy behind the larger movement.”
    ~ Kelly Jarvis / PhD

    “Harpers Playground is so so so good.”
    ~ Jim Thiebaud / Parent

    “I have heard from an engineering colleague who lives in the area that Harper's Playground has completely changed his family's use of the park. They rarely went and didn't stay very long. Since the opening, they go there multiple times a week and spend an hour or more because his 10 year old daughter begs to go back!”
    ~ Lauren Schmitt / ASLA, AICP / MIG

    “I was at the playground for over three hours the other day.  A woman came by with her son who will be starting Chief Joe (nearby elementary school) and she asked me about the playground.  I explained the story to her and she was in amazement.  Her boy is on the autism spectrum and she kept pointing out to me the ‘how’ and ‘why’ he was enjoying all of the equipment.  He was clearly enjoying himself, she was almost in tears, and all was good at Harper's Playground!”

    ~ Jana Hopfinger / Parent / Teacher / Former Harper’s Playground Board Member

    “Made our first trip out to Harper's Playground with my daughter, who has Cerebral Palsy, today and she had the best time! Thanks!  I wish all parks had inclusive equipment.”
    ~ Moonrise Joseph / Parent

    “My kids could play at the old park an hour or two once or twice a week.  They can now spend hours there as many days as we take them.  Simply outstanding!  We believe it was this ‘world class’ playground that helped save Chief Joe (nearby school almost closed) recently.”
    ~ Scott Marsh / Parent

    “The students and staff of the life skills class at Sitton Elementary want to give a big thank you to everyone who brought this wonderful place (Harper’s Playground) to life. We had a magical time today celebrating the end of our school year together. It was such a blessing to have a place where all of us could play without limitation.”
    ~ Amy Tarr / Special Education Teacher

    “We love this playground! My daughter (also named Harper) is a toddler and can easily play on this playground unlike others where she needs help to climb high.”
    ~ Galen McAlister / Parent

    “The playground looks fantastic and obviously the kids love it.   I know you’ve heard it a hundreds of times, but well done!!”
    ~ Keith Lachowicz / Public Art Collections Manager / Regional Arts & Culture Council

    “Really happy I played a small part in making this happen with my donation.”
    ~ David Jarvis / Neighbor

    “I attended the grand opening of Harper’s Playground – what a great event.  There was a distinct, positive energy to the whole thing and the playground is beautiful.  You have created quite a gift for the City of Portland. I have also met with our local Kiwanis Club on a couple of occasions since your opening, shared photo’s and the history of your project with them, and discussed potential project sites locally.”
    ~ Jay Pearson / Director / McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department

    “I just brought my kids to Harper's Playground. I'm so thankful for your vision. It is such a bright beautiful place in our community.  Just wanted to say thanks.”
    ~ Kali Thorne Ladd / Parent

    "The absolute king of playgrounds is Portland's Harper's Playground."
    ~ Blue Miner Young / Parent

    “Today was a wonderful day. I had tears in my eyes all day. Watching our neighborhood park being transformed into something beautiful and accessible and usable by all. Congrats to the Goldberg's for this accomplishment. Just a beautiful thing to be part of. Thank you so much for all you have done for our community.”
    ~ Julie Dunleavy / Parent

    “It is a privilege to both me and to Gerding Edlen to be a part of Harper’s Playground. It is such an important space for children, families and their friends; and I look forward to seeing this model be embraced and replicated throughout the country.”
    ~ Kelly Saito / Gerding Edlen Development

    "I've been in Doernbecher [Children's Hospital] hundreds of times for my sister's surgeries, but I viewed the structure differently this time, mostly because of your talk and my experience with [my friend] Tyler... I was wondering if you had considered working with Doernbecher Children's Hospital in order to convert all of their play areas into completely accessible structures, so that all kids and patients at the hospital could enjoy them."
    ~ Tarin Denney / Student / Sherwood High

    "As part of our efforts to create an inclusive society, we are building an inclusive playground. To recognize our donors and sponsors, we will be doing up a plaque, and we wanted to use Harper's vision statement of 'an inclusive society, one playground at a time' as a quote."
    ~ Nadera Binte Abdul Aziz / National Council of Social Service / Singapore

    "It's my pleasure to have a great example of better playgrounds from you. It really helps us to show Hong Kong what an inclusive playground is and how our children's future development would benefit from better playgrounds."
    ~ See Chun-Kong / Playwright Children's Play Association / Hong Kong (Quote lightly edited for syntax.)